Daniel Guedes Almeida

Daniel Guedes Almeida is an illustrator who lives and works in Geneva. He studied at HEAD and earned a bachelor's degree in visual communication in 2020. Even at school, he didn't really listen to his teachers and spent his time drawing on and in his notebooks. The drawing bug never left him. As a teenager, he tried his hand at graffiti, one of the disciplines of a movement that would mark him for life: hip-hop. It was, among other things, through his interest in music, and more specifically in rap, that Daniel began to create his artistic identity. To create his illustrations, he draws inspiration from music, cinema, and, in general, from popular culture.

January 2024

Les Chevaliers du jour et de la nuit

On the twelfth day of the twenty-seventh month of the year 1227, at twelve o'clock and twenty-seven minutes, the knights of day and night appeared near Fish Lake. They engaged in a fierce battle, which continues to this day, to determine who would be the better fighter between day and night. The colors worn by the Knight of the Day are black and red. Some people claim to have seen him on several occasions on the shores of the lake. He is said to perform gonzific rituals there. The knight of the night wears black and green. He is also a practitioner of gonziferous rituals at dusk. His motto is: Have you flown your flag?


Peyeyo is a Chilean illustrator with a specialization in TCG and RPG art. His passion lies in drawing creatures and continuously experimenting with his work. Dedicated to his craft, he is always engaged in studying and sketching, driven by the desire to keep moving forward without a fixed goal.

February 2024


The auto denominated Masketeer, whose face and voice remain shrouded in mystery, showcases a unique appearance every day, thanks to the magic infused in the masks. Rumors suggest that in the past, was a criminal dedicated to identity theft for richness and wealth. However, over time, the obsession with perfecting the masks led this artisan to abandon a life of crime, focusing entirely on art. If asked directly will always narrate a different story about past times.