Shaban Shaame is the innovative mind behind EverdreamSoft, a leading company in the blockchain gaming industry. As the creator of "Spells of Genesis", he has showcased a forward-thinking approach to integrating blockchain technology with gaming. With a passion for blending the digital and real worlds, Shaame continues to explore the confluence of technology, art, and gaming.

May 2023

The Complex Paradox of Imagination

Imagination is a double-edged sword. What a power it is to create new possibilities and what a burden it becomes to enter the realm of idealized visions and unfulfilled hopes. But when no one is wondering, no one is wandering. Fate gives us an absurd proposal, the irony of an eternal paradox, and a gift all at once.

June 2023

High Up

My mind is gone. It's wandering somewhere else and floating up, beyond the reach of those around me. But with my inner eye wide open I can see them all, the people and places that make up my world. I'm not lost, I am wandering. I am searching for my place. For my home. And this place it's not to be found, because as far as I go, I am my own home. As far as my mind wanders, I belong.

July 2023

Into the Metaverse

I open a door in the metaverse and a whole world awaits. One, two universes, and many more are at my fingertips. What will I do with it? I'm going to lose myself. No more loneliness, it is pure beauty, a pilgrim's solitary socialization. The metaverse is my window into the ideal and the magic.

August 2023

New Ground

What a thrilling experience to take a walk into the unknown! Fear nobody and nothing my friend! It will be like stepping into uncharted lands. There is a flickering light in the distance, guiding you toward your destination. Fear not my friend! It's natural to feel this way when you step outside your comfort zone. Take a leap of faith and go on, who knows where it might lead you…


Le Crabe et la Mécano an active duo created in Shanghai in 2014. They are two visual artists Tina and Mara working together with a common goal: to create with 4 hands without it being possible to distinguish one from the other.

The duo tackles the question of métissage which is the expression of what connects people. Their symbolic universe is marked by representations of bodies and/or characters with their multiple interactions, that are linked by their hair. The strokes create a choreography conceived as a conversation with the space hosting the work.

September 2023


A tangle of moving bodies symbolizing human interconnection within the digital sphere. Black lines dancing with hair, uniting past and future in universal love.


RVig was born in 1976 in Lyon, France and currently resides in Geneva, Switzerland. He has been a digital artist since 1999. He studied computer science and engineering at INSA Lyon (National Institute of Applied Science) and McGill University (Montréal, Canada). However he had long had a passion for art and images and he succeeded at weaving this into his mastery of coding. Generative art refers to art made through the use of creative coding. It's a long and detailed process, balancing and combining algorithms, raw source data, visual harmonisation skills, fine tuning, planning and vision. Practitioners have access to a wide range of knowledge and techniques, and RVig likes to explore untried combinations of techniques and new ways of applying current knowledge. This practice leads to interesting discoveries and new visual experiences. He has built over time his own collection of custom scripts, tools and code, which is constantly evolving with the emergence of new ideas and technologies. In 2021 he entered the world of NFTs, with the release of the project “Flowers” on, the main NFT platform dedicated to generative art.

October 2023

Cosmic Chroma

In this striking generative art piece, a luminous planet emerges, its surface alive with tempestuous storms. These dynamic whirlwinds extend and blend into the surrounding void, suggesting a dance between the celestial body and the vastness of space. The intricate patterns evoke tales of cosmic wonders, drawing viewers into a universe where boundaries dissolve, and imagination reigns. It's a captivating fusion of chaos and beauty, hinting at the endless mysteries of the cosmos.



Alberto Arajo Lobos, an enigmatic figure in the world of art, hails from Argentina but has made Europe his home. Despite his extraordinary talent, Lobos remains an elusive presence in the public eye, having never published his work. This air of mystery only adds to the allure surrounding him.

Born in the bustling streets of Buenos Aires, Lobos discovered his passion for art at a young age. He was particularly drawn to the beauty and complexity of the female form, which became the central theme of his work. His illustrations of women are not just mere representations; they are a blend of realism and fantasy, capturing the essence of his subjects with a depth that transcends the canvas.

Lobos' journey to Europe was driven by his quest for artistic inspiration. He settled in a small, undisclosed town, where he continues to create in solitude. His works are known to a select few, who describe them as breathtaking and revolutionary. Lobos' illustrations are said to portray women in a way that celebrates their strength, grace, and mystery.

Despite his avoidance of the limelight, stories of Lobos' talent have spread in art circles. His technique, blending traditional and modern styles, is reportedly ahead of its time, and his use of color and texture creates a vivid, almost lifelike quality.

Yet, Alberto Arajo Lobos remains a ghost in the art world – a hidden genius whose works are yet to be seen by the masses. His decision to keep his art private fuels curiosity and admiration among art enthusiasts and collectors, who eagerly await the day his creations might grace the public eye. For now, he remains an enigma, his extraordinary talent known only to a fortunate few.

November 2023

Timeless Infinity

In a desert that stretched beyond horizons, a woman of extraordinary beauty stood alone. Her eyes, deep as the universe itself, held secrets of ages past. The sands whispered stories of her grace as she moved, leaving faint imprints that blended seamlessly with the land. As the sun began its descent, casting long shadows, her gaze turned skyward. Stars emerged, painting the heavens with their brilliance. Time seemed to pause around her, as if the universe itself paid homage to her existence. In her, the desert found a companion to its infinite expanse. She embodied the concept of timeless infinity—a living bridge between transient moments and the eternal cosmos. As night draped the desert in shadows, she became part of its story, a guardian of its enigmas. And so, amidst the desert's silence and the woman's beauty, the notion of timeless infinity found its embodiment—a reminder that beauty and eternity are woven into the very fabric of existence.