Timeless NFTs

Immutability of NFTs

At EverdreamSoft, we've always paid particular attention to preserving data and heritage. When we launched the Spells of Genesis card collection, we introduced The True Ownership of Digital Assets, innovatively using Blockchain for our game, giving players the opportunity to trully own their cards in our game. In doing so, the player could freely trade cards for use in the game without our intervention.

Seeing the revolution that Blockchain was bringing, our card collection was created to represent key events in its history or projects embracing this technology.

In 2023, we've decided to go even further in protecting our assets' data for our users. Indeed, the relationship between the NFTs token and the associated image is not a trivial one, particularly when it comes to protecting the associated data and, above all, the image it represents. A token stored in a decentralized blockchain may be linked to an image or metadata stored centrally. This can pose a problem if the company operating these servers doesn't renew them, thus breaking the link between the intrinsically “perfect” token and the image associated with it.

That's why we've decided to launch ChainChronicles, an example of best practice in the creation of tokenized assets. Using decentralized storage systems such as IPFS and Arweave, the assets we create are designed to be highly resilient over time, we gave it the mane of Timeless NFTs. This means they can be accessed and consulted for hundreds of years and more, even if EverdreamSoft were to disappear.


These permapages are dedicated to preserving the story of blockchain technology as captured by the game Spells of Genesis. In 2015, Spells of Genesis issued tokenized game assets, now known as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), by creating a series of collectible trading cards. Most of the cards embody an allegorical representation of a significant event, development, or key player in the blockchain ecosystem.

In 2015 EverdreamSoft believed that the Bitcoin blockchain would not only persist for many years but also significantly impact human society. Driven by this conviction, we designed a series of collectible trading cards that encapsulated the thrilling story of blockchain ecosystem events, anticipating that these cards would eventually find their place in museums, preserving the legacy of blockchain's early days.

By incorporating these cards into these permapages, the aim is to ensure that the story of blockchain remains accessible and appreciated by both contemporary audiences and future generations.

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The Trading Cards

Each Spells of Genesis trading card has been carefully designed with intricate details and vibrant artwork, encapsulating the essence of the blockchain revolution. The cards are more than just a game component; they serve as a visual and allegorical representation of the groundbreaking story of blockchain technology, documenting the early days of a technological revolution that continues to unfold.

The Permapage

To preserve the captivating story told through these trading cards, this permapage has been created using a hybrid approach. It combines both the present-day HTTP technology and emerging decentralized protocols such as IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) and Arweave to ensure the longevity and accessibility of the content.

  • An HTTP reference has been incorporated, allowing the media contained within this permapage to be easily accessed and displayed using today's browsers.
  • Image Hash IPFS and Arweave to safeguard the trading cards' longevity and accessibility, image hashes have been added to IPFS and Arweave. These decentralized storage networks are designed to be highly resilient and long-lasting, ensuring that digital assets remain available for future generations.

In Conclusion

These permapages, dedicated to preserving the trading cards from Spells of Genesis, serve as a digital time capsule for the tokenized assets that have shaped the blockchain ecosystem. By implementing a hybrid approach that combines HTTP technology and decentralized storage networks, this permapage aims to be displayed and read by both contemporary audiences and those in the distant future. Through this preservation effort, the fascinating story of blockchain technology's early days will continue to captivate and inspire generations to come.